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Ways We Help

If you would like to schedule a presentation or session, please don't hesitate to contact us.

P.O. Box 200, Parkston, SD 57366


Character Coaching

Higher Power Sports Tim Weidenbach Character Coaching

We support and serve area athletes, coaches, families, and support staff through speeches, presentations, individual meetings, mentoring and devotionals. We are serving High School and College teams throughout the Midwest. Our team messages on leadership, perseverance, opportunity, integrity, loyalty, and more are making an impact on the teams we serve.

Be Kind Presentation

Higher Power Sports Tim Weidenbach Be Kind Presentation

Focuses on kindness, compassion, and acceptance for K-12 students. Tim shares a story of a letter he received 25 years after graduating from High School and the impact that acts of kindness had. Tim is often joined by guest speakers that ranges from Jackson Munk (a young man who suffers from Cerebral Palsy), Weston Frank (a South Dakotan musician and Kansas Middletent). Together they share a fun and inspiring message on kindness is contagious.

Distracted Driving Presentation

Higher Power Sports Tim Weidenbach Distracted Driving Presentation

Raises awareness of the devastating effects from driving distracted. Tim shares his personal story of his cousin killed by a distracted driver. Thousands have been touched by this presentation and we hope to touch many more at school assemblies, drivers ED classes, business, service club, and community events.

Business Workshops

Higher Power Sport Tim Weidenbach Business Workshop

Help your business improve teamwork, culture, leadership, sales, and moral with a business workshop. Tim has worked with business all over the Midwest.

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